The Scotch Whisky Research Institute


The Scotch Whisky Research Institute collaborates with scientists in universities and other research institutes. Key networks have been established across the UK and European science base and this has resulted in large investments by government and university research into areas of fundamental importance for the distilling industry. This allows SWRI and industry research objectives to be pursued at the cutting edge of academic science.

SWRI also works with technology providers and other industry experts to bring in specific knowledge outside of our area of expertise. We participate in scientific networks, such as the Association of Research & Technology Organisations (AIRTO) and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology developed in other sectors to the distilling industry.

Examples of our collaborative research projects and consortia  can be found here

We welcome approaches from other organisations to collaborate on research that will benefit the Scotch Whisky and related industries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Universities and other academic institutions
  • Government funding and knowledge transfer organisations
  • Research and Technology Organisations
  • Plant breeders and the wider cereal supply chain
  • Technology providers and equipment manufacturers
  • Other spirits drinks industries
  • Specialists in other related fields

If you are a researcher working in academia or industry and are interested in working with SWRI, please get in touch.