The Scotch Whisky Research Institute

Flavour is the most important contributor to quality perception by the consumer and some of the most critical business decisions made by our members are based on flavour. We carry out research to continually improve the sensory methodology used by the industry. In addition to this we have helped to develop a proficiency scheme which helps to identify training needs and ensures that sensory panels perform at the highest possible standard.

Anti-Counterfeiting & Authenticity

The Scotch Whisky industry takes product safety and quality very seriously. Ongoing research is required to protect the status of Scotch Whisky as a premium product. The work of our Product Protection group centres around research aimed at safeguarding consumer confidence in Scotch Whisky and related spirit drinks. Our scientists carry out research on flavour and quality, consumer safety and anti-counterfeiting/authenticity as part of our remit to help protect Scotch Whisky as a premium global product.  

Helping Distillers to Maintain Quality & Flavour

​​​​​We support the anti-counterfeiting measures undertaken by the industry by engaging in an ongoing programme of product analysis to build a database of the compositional profiles of genuine Scotch Whisky products. The UKAS Accreditation of SWRI Services Limited (UKAS accredited testing laboratory No.1690) adds credibility to our analytical data when it is used as evidence in legal cases and a number of our scientists are accredited for the expression of opinions, meaning that they can be used as expert witnesses.

SWRI maintains a database of the compounds reported to be present in Scotch Whisky. This is used to provide confidence to our members that their products are compliant with food and drink regulations around the world. For example, the exemption from allergen labelling granted within the EU to distilled spirits is based on SWRI research that demonstrated that protein allergens derived from raw materials do not cross the distillation barrier.

Helping Members to Comply with Food & Drink Legislation

Research: Product Integrity