The Scotch Whisky Research Institute


The Scotch Whisky Research Institute carries out pre-competitive fundamental research on behalf of its members. SWRI has the expertise and resources to carry out a programme of research which is beyond the reach of most individual companies. SWRI also engages in collaborative research projects with experts in academia and other research institutes on the fundamental science that underpins various aspects of the production process. Our research activity is a two-way process. Our members benefit from working collaboratively, while our research also benefits from their involvement, for example through access to production expertise and distilleries.

Our research covers the entire whisky making process from barley to bottle and is designed to address both the immediate and long-term objectives of the industry; as such we carry out both fundamental and applied research.

Our research programme covers four strategic areas; sustainability, conversion efficiency, alternative technologies and product integrity.

Conversion Efficiency Reducing costs without compromising quality.

Alternative Technology ​Delivering solutions and identifying opportunities provided by new technologies.

Sustainability Ensuring a viable future for the Scotch Whisky supply chain.

Product Integrity ​​​Developing consumer confidence in the safety and integrity of Scotch.