Members’ Page

In addition to the long-term benefit our research provides to the Scotch Whisky industry, there are many day-to-day advantages for individuals within our member companies. You can contact us on to join the mailing list for our Technical Liaison Groups, gain access to our Extranet, ask a question or seek technical support.

Technical Liaison Groups

Our Technical Liaison Groups (TLGs) are the forum where our member companies and SWRI scientists come together to discuss recent research findings, their application and strategies for future work. There are currently six TLGs, each chaired by a leading technical representative from one of our member companies.

  • Raw Materials & Processing
  • Peat
  • Maturation
  • Flavour
  • Product Protection
  • Bottlers

In addition to learning from our research, the meetings provide a networking opportunity for companies to discuss common interests.

Members’ Extranet

Our Members’ Extranet is the knowledge bank where our historical research findings are stored. If you are a member, you can also use it to access past editions of our Newsletter and Annual Reports, hear about forthcoming events, find out more about the SWRI team (including contact details), access scientific literature, and much more. Click this link to be re-directed to the site SWRI Extranet

Ask a Question

Our team are here to answer scientific and technical questions from our members. Email us or for urgent enquiries phone +44 (0)131 449 8900.